Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Activity 5 - assignment

This assignment is to create a wiki. I usually like to create a Prezi but this time I decided to create a wikispaces just to see how it works. I really didn't care for wikispaces. I think that the benefit of having people post to the wiki is great but there are other web sites that do the same thing with better ease. At any rate, here is mine. http://multimediaedtc605.wikispaces.com/multimedia

Monday, June 27, 2011

Assignment #2

Assignment 2 is to create a lesson using visual literacy. I took this as a challenge because I always tend to do the same things with literacy while integrating technology. I usually have students write a piece of work then type it up on the computer blah, blah, blah... However, for this assignment I took myself out of the box and started exploring sites that teachers have long since recommended. I decided to do a lesson using Wordle. I have the students choose from a stack of pictures that I provided. They were pictures of landscapes, people in action, pictures ffrom magazines, animated, and non-animated. The students were to create a wordle document based on the words that "popped into their heads" while viewing the picture. Later, the students were to create a haiku based on those words. The objective was to brainstorm for adjectives as well as create an original haiku based on their picture and background knowledge

Class Post #2 Assignment 1

ok, so now that i've got this thing working again i'll dive in.
I compared 3 interactive whiteboards. Smartboards, Promethean, and Mimio. All three had the same basic attractions however, the Mimio was a little more unique in that it could turn ANY white board into an interactive white board. Due to the many budget constraints placed on districts wanting to implement engaging technology, this would be a wonderful choice. However, the one that I personally liked the most was the Smartboard. I am a little biased as this is the one that I am used to. I've observed several teachers using the Smartboard for Reading, Math, and even Science lessons. I've even used the system myself. The most engaging activity that I have used is a homemade Jeopardy! game used to prepare students for a Social Studies exam.
I have also used the Smartboard lesson creation software. With it I have created interactive math lessons for students especially in the area of Geometry. I know that there are several other areas where the white board can be used and I have even used them however, I really like the ease of creating, moving, and interacting with shapes.

Class Post #1

I totally can't believe it's been a year since i've posted to this blog. I'll be using it to post class assignments for a little bit. Hope it works!